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HYPEBEAST is the official app for the urban fashion news site of the same name. Known around the world, HYPEBEAST has for a long time offered the trendiest info on sneakers and urban fashion, as well as editorials of interest. This app is one of the best ways to enjoy this mini-universe.

In HYPEBEAST not only will you receive the standard info from the webpage but can also stay up to date on the latest releases of every sneaker you can imagine. Its database is quite extensive and the entries are full of details like the colorway, SKU, price, release date, and where to buy the items of interest.

Not only will you find news aimed at sneakerheads but will also discover info on technology, entertainment, and everything related to urban culture. Through this app you can tick your favorite articles if you're registered. You can also pick your favorite categories to appear in your news feed.

HYPEBEAST is a fundamental tool for sneakerheads and urban fashionistas. The website is one of the world's most visited and its app is one of the most convenient ways to consume content from it.
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